Peeing in plastic

Jun 25, - We have a spayed female that is almost 10 years old. In the last couple of years, she has started a nasty habit of urinating on anything within her reach that has a vinyl or plastic smell: shopping bags, backpacks, purses, coats, shoes, suitcases, rubber backed throw rugs, etc. In talking to my sister and a. Inappropriate Urination in the Cat Tristyn. Age: 24. Im nice and loveable She's done this from when she was a kitten, but now that we're buying a home we'd like to figure out why she is doing this. Apr 23, - They love to pee on plastic. Not every cat will pee on plastic bags, but enough will so that you can accept it isn't just YOUR cat, it's a cat thing, and the only thing you can do abut it is not to leave plastic bags, or plastic anything, on the floor. Get yourself one of those fabric bag holder/dispenser things and putĀ  Peeing on my things. Leigh. Age: 29. No sexual services Inappropriate Urination in the Cat Jugs of Pee appear to be a national epidemic, although reports continue to emanate chiefly from the West. The littering of highways with urine-filled plastic bottles is traditionally linked to weak bladdered long-haul rig drivers, despite official denials by trucker trade associations. Now authorities suspect a. Peeing, in primal terms, is staking a claim, so your dog is simply claiming plastic bags. (BTW, dogs are usually scent-oriented. We may never know what smells coming from the plastics are triggering the peeing behavior, but it's not unreasonable.

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Brittany. Age: 25. shower with me When cats pee out of the box, they often have a surface preference for their alternate spots. Some prefer soft spots (couches, clothes, beds), some cats prefer plastic bags or papers, some prefer appliances (stoves, toasters). Be sure not to encourage these options. For example, pick up all dirty clothes/towels that are lying. Our cat is almost five, is very cuddly and loving, and is healthy. She has this weird habit of peeing on piles of clothing and plastic bags. She. Inappropriate urination generally occurs when the cat is in the normal squatting position, but urinating outside the litter box. The cat . It was suggested in one resource to put the dominant cat under a plastic milk crate in the center of the room each time he/she became aggressive toward the other cats in the colony. After a.


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