Can my mom spank me?

I don't want him to know about me being possibly spanked nor do I want him to spank me. I only want my mom to do it. So the next time I misbehave. The next time I curse out my mother. How can I get her to spank me withoutmy dad knowing. I know its wrong to misbehave at my age. But I truly need my mo. If I'm over 18 and my parents spank me, should I get them reported for assault? - Quora Regina. Age: 20. Hi, i have my profile on here as i like sex alot ! Please Log In to post. Jun 28, - I don't trust that people won't sometimes blur the lines between "I am popping your thigh to get your attention" and "I am hitting you (repeatedly) because I am annoyed with you and what you are doing." As someone who was spanked, here's what I wish I could have said all those years ago to my parents. Aida. Age: 28. Hello Guys, rnrnI'm Leah hudson, a sassy leggy New Yorker, who is super out going, fun, relaxed and open minded Kids Today Need Spanking More Than Ever Mar 18, - As I suggested in the previous answer If parents spank their adult children who live at home, is it assault?, this action would meet the definition of domestic violence and explaining that the spanking must cease immediately. then tell them that if it ever happens again you will call the police and have them both charged with  What should I tell my mom if she starts spanking me? Jul 21, - mommy spanked me.

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Joey. Age: 22. Well-educated, well-spoken and well-traveled woman looking for a like-minded gentleman who wants a clever girl with just the right amount of naughty sass My mom did that crap to me when I was younger and then one day when I was 14 or 15, I turned Rambo on her and fought back (and won) and told her not to do that to me ever again. Do your parents spank you? I think it should be considered a form of chi. I can remember throwing a tantrum in the middle of my local grocery store because I wanted to eat Scooby Snacks for dinner instead of the vegetables my mom had picked out. My mom told me that if I didn't stop acting like I was, she would not hesitate to spank me. I didn't believe her, but I did when she swatted my behind. Jul 30, - When I was 10 years old, I told my mom to "shut her mouth" after she was bragging on me to some adults at the local tire store and maintenance shop. I've seen this first hand, and I know that all it does is encourage more unruliness in kids because they can cross the line as much as they want with no.


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