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eventually, the mature reader can reflect upon and comprehend motivations and underlying actions. As such scholars as Karfn Lesnik-Oberstein and Maria Nikolajeva point out, however, we must be careful of theories that posit a singular, nonindividualized "real" or "normal" child reader who is indistinguishable from any. Reading from this Place: Social location and biblical interpretation in - Google Книги Felony. Age: 25. *by self Race, Literacy, Childhood, and Fiction, She currently is directing two multischool projects in the Chicago Public Schools: So she left this reading with a new question—“How do the eggs mature?”—which led her to look for more books. We can see, then, that for Maria comprehension was built over time, becoming richer and deeper as she engaged with the text and her knowledge in a lot of different ways. It's also clear that the process Maria. Aruba. Age: 21. Hello gentlemen my name in Natalia Desire ~ {Yandere Boys x Reader} + Girl This means that the texts have not only been already read and reread but also reflected upon, allowed to mature, "ruminated" (ruminados) as Carlos Mesters would put it.2 3. Maria cites a verse from Scripture, textually, as a principle for action. Rosa refers to a biblical situation and a biblical character with whom she. i wanted to make an x reader for those who like cala maria from Cuphead. because i have a HUGE crush on her and also i don't see a lot of Cala maria x readers so here's one that's for both male and female. Get notified when land and sea (Cala Maria x reader) is updated.

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Nataly. Age: 26. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I’m a Surrey & London based, 100% independent, exquisite and well-established courtesan "I won't let anyone else have you, you're mine only~" || Includes yaoi + yuri ships [smut] || Your name is (y/n) (s/n), you come from a wealthy family. You join the prestigious Seiyo Academy for the elite and rich, which is known for their handsome students and high academic studies. However, this Academy holds many. 3rd person sg object antecedent (32) Quando hai litigato con María, era molto prepotente. When θ have–2nd-SING quarrelled with Maria, θ was–3rd-SING very pushy When you quarrelled with Maria, she was very pushy. Carminati found a bias in favor of antecedent resolution toward the subject. Reading times were faster. I felt my face flushing as if she were reading out my diary. Mrs Gibbs read on, her voice solemn and portentous, sooooo wrong for lively, passionate Anne. Gibbs, closing Anne's diary with a snap. 'Can't you be a little more mature? Maria, it's not funny.' 'I'm sorry, Mrs Gibbs,' said Maria, struggling. 'So what happened


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