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Jan 27, - Britney Spears just unveiled her most sexy selfie to date. It features the singer pulling her pants down VERY low. Britney Spears vagina! (pics) - The Pub - Shroomery Message Board Katie. Age: 27. Often i get compliments for my natural beauty, excellent taste and warm personality. My interests are intelligent men who show me the fragrance of life, fashion, diamonds and pearls. But lately, from even before she split up with Kevin Federline , a creeping sexualisation has been happening to Britney Spears. Spears was cautioned by Los Angeles Superior Court judge Howard Miller that any further mistreatment of her vagina could result in her losing custody of it. Aug 4, - BRITNEY SPEARS GETTING OUT OF CAR WITH A SHAVED PUSSY. Zuzana. Age: 22. I promise you a wonderful exotic and affectionate GFE that you'll remember for weeks on end Britney Spears’ Crotch Picture Wrap-Up (SFW) Jul 30, - Check out these pics of Britney Spears' exposed naked vagina! Jan 19, - Over these last couple of weeks Britney Spears seems to have been doing a pretty good impression of a woman going mental with freedom - a woman going mental with freedom that wants you to only look at pictures of her ladyflaps. We sort of get the feeling that during all this Britney Spears wanted the.

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Aruba. Age: 21. Open to new things Not sure if these have been posted yet, so here they are. That C-section scar in the first one gets me all HOT. Dec 3, - hey everybody! let's not forget my blog tagline 'when culture pops, we wipe it up ' so yes now it's time to wipe up the mess from last week of britney spears flashing her crotch not once not twice but there were three separate incidents! oh my word! it's like britney was holding in all of her pent up. Aug 31, - OK, while it may not have been as obvious as Nicki Minaj's, Britney Spears also chose an ice skater-worthy minidress with a vaginal motif last night, because when Miley Cyrus hosts the VMAs, you put it ~all~ out there in support. (Unless you're Nicki Minaj though, in which case it's coincidental because.


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