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The Venus Butterfly is a term used to describe a series of sexual techniques that brings lovers to orgasm without intercourse. The term Venus Butterfly hit the mainstream when it featured on a episode of legal drama series "L.A. Law." However, the technique was never described in this program. It was the subject of the. Sex position #82 - Venus. Kamasutra Galina. Age: 30. Are u looking to meet a nice girl? He will also find that he can move further forwards and backward when he is standing as opposed to when he is kneeling. Feb 29, - Butterfly Sex Position. The Butterfly position is great whether you are in bed or on a table. The image below gives an excellent outline on how to perform the Butterfly. There are a few really important things to keep in mind, though, to make sure you get the most out of this position. Don't forget to check out. Brooklyn. Age: 18. I am a curvy red bone that wants?you baby The 10 Steps To Blowing Her Mind With The Venus Butterfly Technique Dec 21, - The Venus Butterfly sex position has been referred to since the s, but how does it hold up during sex? Here's how to try this sex position. Dec 28, - Kiss your lover passionately as you caress her entire body to get her juices flowing. 2. Give her oral sex (which is called "Honoring" in Tantra) slowly tease her between her thighs as you make your way towards her Yoni/Vagina with your tongue. 3. Pull back your lover's Pearl/Clitoral hood. 4. Stimulate her.

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Jana. Age: 29. My speciality is to provide clients with Girfriend Experiance, massage, kisses, cuddles and plenty of fun Apr 23, - An Illustrated Guide To The 5 Best Standing Sex Positions! Similar in principle to the Necklace Of Venus but very different in practice, this intimate sex position requires her to lie on her back on any waist-high surface and wrap her legs around the middle of his back. This position encourages a slower. Feb 10, - Having around her neck the legs of her partner and being able to plunge the gaze between her thighs apart gives an almost magical dimension to a mundane mating The basic position is classic, with the woman lying on her back at the edge of a bed high enough or a table, thighs raised square. The man. The Venus Butterfly is a term used for various sexual techniques, one of which being the subject of the book The One Hour Orgasm. It was first publicly mentioned in a episode of the American television drama L.A. Law, although a technique of the same name appears in the book The Sensuous Woman, which.


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