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Oct 24, - { margin:0; padding:0; } html, body { height: %; } body #fixedElement { position:fixed!important; position: absolute; /*ie6 and above*/ top: 0; right: 0; } #page-wrap The % height on the body and html stuff is in case you want to do fixed positioning along the bottom edge of the browser window. CSS Fixed Positioning Charlyse. Age: 26. I'm Alice French lady and it's my first time here with my friend so I hope enjoy my travel ! What was it about CSS that you fell in love with and drove you to write about it? IE6 doesn't support position fixed. IE 6 is a major problem to Web developers (IE 7 is a problem as well, but for now, let's overlook that, since it does at least implement fixed positioning), and the sooner it stops being . Well, in theory, you just substitute left for right, and top for bottom, and then you change the + signs to - signs at the start of the expressions. Wifey. Age: 18. Alexandra! additions... /*Make position:fixed work in IE6!*/.fixed-top /* position fixed Top */{position:fixed;bottom:auto;top:0;}.fixed-bottom /* position fixed Bottom */{position:fixed;bottom:0;top:auto;}.fixed-left /* position fixed Left */{position:fixed;right:auto;left:0;}.fixed-right /* position fixed right */{position:fixed;right:0;left:auto;}. * html,* html body. Jul 29, - CSS Position Fixed for IE6. CSS Position Fixed for IE6. How do you get position:fixed css working in Internet Explorer 6? The trick is to use an Internet Explorer CSS /* IE6 position fixed Top */{position:absolute;bottom:auto;top:expression(eval(calculatoaresecondhand.infoTop));}.

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Pixie. Age: 21. it How to mimic position:fixed in Internet Explorer 6: Via a CSS expression. /* * there is no need to use a real image here * anything will do:) */ * html { background: url(css); } #footer { position: fixed; bottom: 0; _position: absolute; _top: expression(eval(calculatoaresecondhand.infoMode && calculatoaresecondhand.infoMode=='CSS1Compat')? Oct 15, - Ben Nadel demonstrates how to created fixed position elements using the "position: fixed" CSS rule and some minor IE6 finagling. IE6 (and older versions) doesn't support 'position: fixed' and usually makes a mess out of what it doesn't understand, so many designers avoid using this powerful, W3C-standardized, property. CSS for these demos can be found in the page-head, and the elements used are located near the bottom of the source-code.


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