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Jul 19, - "You will not be brewing this particular potion because, regrettably, it is closely regulated by the Ministry. It is used mostly for disguise, not unlike the Polyjuice potion. However, the misuse of this potion is the reason for its regulation. There are a few individuals who would prefer to remain in a transgender. Adventures of a Gender Rebel: Being Transgender at Hogwarts Satin. Age: 24. tender many kisses and hug Let's go to Professor McGonagall! Corrine was slapping at her body and trying not to rip out of her shirt as muscles came across her chest arms and back. Aug 16, - I looked down at the ground and thought “It looks closer somehow ” I looked over at Corrine who just kept rubbing her cheek with a con Polyjuice Potion Ending 1: MTF AR and FTM AP. Celeste. Age: 29. ?Toys avail Mature Content Sep 6, - So perhaps transfiguration is better left to only the best transgender witches, wizards and other magic users. One other option of course polyjuice potion, the magical elixir which allows the imbiber to assume the complete physical appearance of another person. It can change your age, your height, and even. Chapter Six: Polyjuice Misuse. Codes: Polyjuice potion for gender change, M/F, Oral, Minor2(too young for sex), Transformation? Transgender? “Here,” Flint said holding a vial of thick-looking dull purple potion out to me. I eyed it some, not trusting it in the least. “What is it?” “Polyjuice potion,” he replied with a smirk.

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Andy. Age: 19. Vraie sйductrice dans l’вme et avec un corps des plus parfait je serai votre jardin secret … mannequin escort lyon Jan 25, - The polyjuice potion could change someone's gender for a while, but only for a limitted span and specifically into the DNA form of someone other than yourself. Perhaps someone with more knowledge than I could provide an example in Tonks, but only having knowledge of her from the movies, I can't say. Jun 2, - It takes time to ovulate that a single dose of the Polyjuice Potion doesn't give you - and the umbilical cord doesn't carry the potion with it, so prolonging the experience with potions doesn't matter because the material used to create any fetus in the first place would collapse back into sperm cells (from Harry)  Horry Patter and the Philologer's Stone, Chapter rational. A transgender woman describing her personal transition, and all the happiness, sadness, and challenges that go along with it. 23 2 / To have the magical ability to contort one's body through polyjuice potion or whatever would be a trans* girl's dream. Take a potion, and you become female. But the downside to.


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