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Her copious sneezing and blows were driving him wild! - Not saying girl. The Evening Speaks. This story is in two parts. In the first, the narrator is enjoying a perfect evening under the stars with her luscious girlfriend Joanna. Joanna's allergies are bothering her and, a bit tipsy, our narrator decides to come out with her fetish. Stories - Sneeze Fetish Forum Stacie. Age: 20. xoxo xoxoxo xoxo xoxoxo When Janna finds her seasonal allergies tapering off, she books an appointment at the allergist's to find out just what it is that makes her sneeze. These are stories I wrote specifically for those who like sneezing. If you like any of them and want to use them for anything, please ask my permission first and post a link to my page. Thank you. Additionally, if there is a certian type or genre(scifi-fantasy, historical fiction, more romance, more adult situations, etc) of story you. Margo. Age: 29. Beautiful striaght white teeth BONDI'S SNEEZY FICTION: I don't write many allergy stories, but a few real life sneezes sort of inspired this one. Pleasures 18+, Stephen comes down with a cold and only briefly resists some natural urges. Slightly different spin on the idea of a sneezing fetish. My intention is to extend this to another piece as well.. with slightly more of a plot. Amber: (18+) The first story I ever wrote for the sneeze fetish community, back in December to January Upon finding the sneeze fetish sites and reading some of the stories, I really wanted to write a fetish fiction myself and have it posted, and this is what I came up with. Serotica was more than happy to take it (it.

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Amirah. Age: 23. Passionnйe de la vie, j'apprйcie et attache beaucoup d'importance aux joies des sens... Et des plaisirs partagйs. Sneeze Stories. Just a little note, many of these stories contain adult situations, if this offends you then don't read them. I did not write these, and I don't recommend them because everybody's tastes are different. I didn't chose only stories that I like for this page, I'll put on any story which may cater to a sneezing fetish. sebastiansmythe. +4 more. Star Wars Sneezing Drabbles by TheStarryEyedVirgo. Star Wars Sneezing Drabblesby hey there. K Um so yeah. These are sneeze fetish drabbles mainly focused around Finn and Poe and Kylo Ren and Hux. Take the sneezing fact as it is. If you're vanilla and want to read lgbt. poefinn. I'm weird, and proud! You can be any character you want! Even an OC! fetish. role-play. sneezing. us by LovelyRose usby Lovely Rose. Warning: mess? ❤ sneezing/bondage story ❤ heterosexual story The story is a 4-part. It follow M, a 5'8" 19 year old fellow, and his girlfriend, V, a 5'5" 19 y.


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